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My Name is Suraj Singh Bisht. You can read about me here

Purpose Of This Site?

Actually guyz, I created this blog to share my beginning & intermediate projects ideas and repositories with newbies programmers because when i was a newbie in this feild, i founded many ideas and books to learn programming in boring style. so, i created my own interesting style. (try and learn). check here

There are more than 500 programming languages. Hence, it’s pretty normal for you to start learning a new programming language today. It’s possible that you know C++ and Java but your work requires Python or you are well versed in Python and you need to code in Java at work.

Or maybe you want to learn that cool language just to expand your expertise.

What are your options if you want to learn a new programming language?

  • Learn from some online tutorial or
  • Learn from some online (MOOC) course
  • Some of you may even argue that the best way of learning a new language is actually as follows:

Learn syntax of the new programming language and Build some personal project using that language Fair enough! This makes sure that you apply the knowledge you gain from learning the syntax of the language you want to learn.

I wrote more than 45 mini projects while learning different concepts and techniques click here. Trust me, when you write code for your personal project which may be a weekend project or an overnight quick hack, you write code to get something done. All you care about is — 

“Does my code work?”.

You hardly care about the quality of the code.

Martin Fowler :-

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

So, how do you learn good practices of the new programming language that you are trying to learn?

Contribute to an open source project in that language.

Surprised? Some of you may be thinking — 

“But wait, open source is hard. We can contribute to an open source project only if we are expert in that language, right?”.

The answer is No

Just Take A Look here

Written on March 3, 2014