I'm Suraj Singh

Writer Of This Blog Post. I Live In India. A Beautiful And Amazing Country.

Personality Information

wow! first of all, i want to give you thanks for giving time to my introduction page.

Now, Let me tell you something about my personality.

Actually, i’m a young guy, with beautiful black hair on my head, good looking glasses on my face, jokes, smile and silence on my mouth. a guy, who want to understand all technical concepts and ideas, want to do something cool and interesting, who likes to read advance technical books and sharing its own research with our world through techincal blogs and social platforms.

Few Skills (Not Bad But Want to Be a Expert)

  • Programming,
  • Blogging,
  • Reading,
  • Web Scraping
  • Web Development (Django/PHP/HTML/CSS….).
  • Software Exploitation
  • Wireless Testing
  • Networing Concepts
  • Small Games And Some Other Useful Scripts
  • Currently Learing Penetration Testing Concepts.

Why I’m Here?

As I Already Mention In Above lines :

  • I like to share my own research, knowledge with our world.

I want to invite all Newbie to my Github Repo And Blog To Polish There Skills On Some Intermediate Projects.

Basically, I created this blog to share my beginning & intermediate projects ideas and repositories with newbies programmers because when i was a newbie in this feild, i founded many ideas and books to learn programming in boring style. so, i created my own interesting style. (try and learn)

where i started various programming projects according to my interest and learning requirements.

yes! alone… i created a group of programmer, alone :) :) hahaha!

then i started my work on these projects alone.. with my desktop and laptop. i spent many nights/days on projects, blogging, programming, writing, reading and doing various interesting techincal stuff.

My Projects Are Written In

  • Python
  • C/C++
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript

Types Of Projects

  • Simple Programs
  • Some GUI Applications
  • Some Basic Cracking Script
  • Web Scraping Script
  • Networing Scripts
  • Raw Socket Programming
  • Network Packet Handling With Raw Socket Programming
  • Some Wireless Related Scripts (Using Scapy)
  • Game (Using Python And Tkinter)
  • Some Automation Projects
  • Much More

And This List is Still Increasing.

For Detailed List Check Docs

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