So, You want to do programming project (nice). and still, can’t able to decide what to do. you don’t know how to start then, check below my list. hahaha! it’s completely free. so, just take a look and decide what you can do.

Types Of Project.

  • Simple Programs
  • Some GUI Applications
  • Some Basic Cracking Scripts
  • Some Web Scraping Scripts
  • Some Networking Scripts
  • Some Raw Socket Programming Scripts
  • Network Packet Handling Script With Raw Socket Programming
  • Some Wireless Related Scripts (Using Scapy and Raw)
  • Game (Using Python And Tkinter)
  • Some Automation Projects
  • Database Related Projects
  • Much More

What You Can Do?

  • Add Functions
  • Cross Platform Support.
  • More Stable And Easy To Use.
  • Try To Make It More Perfect.
  • Understand Script Functionality And Create Documentation.
  • Share Your Ideas With Other Team Members.
  • Much Much More.

How To Start?

Want to Contribute? Great!

There Are 2 Methods.

  1. Pull Request ( Github Account Required ).

  2. Through Email.

1. Pull Request ( Github A/c Required ).

  1. Fork it!

  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature

  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'

  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature

  5. Submit a pull request :D

2. Through Email.

  1. Send Your Updated/New Script On My Email.

Projects List And Few Lines Description

  1. Age calculator

    Simple Age Calculator App

  2. Alarm clock

    Simple Alarm Clock App

  3. Analogclock

    Simple Analog Clock App

  4. Basic c programs

    Some Basic C/C++ Scripts

  5. Bouncingballgamewithmouse

    Bouncing Ball Game With Mouse Pointer Interface Support

  6. Currency converter

    Simple Currency Converter

  7. Digitalclock

    Simple Digital Clock App

  8. Email harvester

    Website Scrapper To Extract All Emails Available In Webpage.

  9. Fbsr

    Facebook Scrapping Scripts

    A simple Python Script That Can Login In Your Facebook Account To Perform Various Tasks.

  10. Gameofchess

    Game Of Chess

  11. Hash encrypter

    Simple Hash Encrypting App

    This Script Provides a Simple Interface To Calculate Hash Values Of Any Data.

  12. Information gathering python web scraping scripts

    Some Information Gathering Scripts Based On Web Scrapping Concepts

    • Crawler : A Website Crawling Script
    • Daily_Mail Headling Extractor
    • File Downloader Script
    • Google Result Page Scraping Script
    • Html Link Extracting Script
    • Image Downloading Script
    • Live Score Scraping Script
    • Bandwidth Speed Testing script
    • Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Updating Script
  13. Ludogame

    Simple Ludo Game

  14. Magicstick editor

    A Nice Text Editor App With Various High Quality Features

  15. Password gen

    Simple Password Generating Script

  16. Py bouncingballgame

    Bouncing Ball Game

  17. Py editor

    Simple Text Editor

  18. Py fightingplangame

    Fighter Plane Game

  19. Py filecipher

    Simple File Encrypter And Decrypter Script Using AES-256 Bit Encryption

  20. Py http header sniffer

    Simple HTTP Header Sniffer App

  21. Py image viewer

    Image Viewer App

  22. Py packet

    Python Script For Packet Sniffing (pypacket)


    • No External Dependencies
    • Using Custom Cython Script For Extracting Header
    • Supported Header: TCP/IP, IPv4 ,UDP, ICMP
    • Fast Header Extraction
  23. Py pinger

    Python Ping Sweeping Script

  24. Py portscanner

    Python Port Scanning Script


    • High Speed Port scanning Through Threadings.
    • Stable Version with Some Extra Features
    • Multithreading Used for high performance
    • This port scanner has the capability to take host
  25. Py rarcrack

    Python Rar File Cracker

  26. Py screensaver

    Python ScreenSaver

  27. Py virtualkeyboard

    Python Virtual Keyboard App

  28. Py wordlist generator

    Simple Wordlist Generating Scripts

  29. Py zipcrack

    Python Zip File Cracking Script

  30. Pye

    Collection of Python Classes For working with Network protocol Ethernet/TCP/IP/UDP/ICMP Etc Etc.

  31. Pyhashcrack

    Python Hash Cracking Scripts

  32. Python admin page finder

    Python Admin Page Brute Force Script

  33. Python media player

    A Rich Feature Python Media Player

  34. Python tkinter screensavers

    Python Tkinter Screen Saver

  35. Python web crawler

    Various Web Crawling Script Written In Python

  36. Py banner grabber

    Python Banner Grabbing Script

  37. Secure key base

    Password manager App

  38. Snakegame

    Snake Game

  39. Sqlorm

    SQL-ORM Is a Python Object Relational Mapper for SQLite3. With These Script, We Can Use Python SQLite API Very Easly.

  40. Web apps

    Some Web Apps

  41. Tic toc toi game

    Tic Toc Toi Game

  42. Visualexample

    Some Visual Related Projects

  43. Way2sms

    Way2Sms Sms Sending Script

  44. Weather

    Python Script For Showing Weather Information With GUI Automatically

  45. Wireless scripts

    Collection Of Wireless Testing Related Scripts

    • WLAN SSID Sniffer Using Python And Socket (
    • WLAN Access Point And Client Sniffer Using Python and Scapy (
    • WLAN Dos Detector Using Python and Scapy (
    • WLAN SSID Sniffer Using Python And Scapy (
    • WLAN Dos Attacker Using Python And Scapy - Wifi Jammer (
    • WLAN Live Beacon Packet Analyser Using Python And PyShark (
    • WLAN Wireless Deauth Packet Creater and Sender Using python And Scapy (

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